Servant of the Heart

Servant of the Heart Life Skill Center is for people living with disabilities.


The mission of the Pastoral Ministry for People Living with Disabilities at St. John the Baptist Church is to ensure that all adults who are blind, deaf and hard of hearing, physically, intellectually, emotionally, Little People, and visually impaired are recognized as equal participants in the Body of Christ, blessed with self-worth, able to share their God given talents, while enjoying equal access to:

1.)  A supportive and nurturing environment with the family of the church.

2.)  Educational and religious resources.

3.)  Spiritual direction.

4.)  Acquire independent living skills.

5.)  Mastering techniques for self advocacy and determination.


Life Skills Center Hours:
Monday through Friday
10:00am to 1:00pm

Contact Person:
Deacon Martin Gallegos
(505) 983-5034   Office
(505) 690-3216   Cell
(505) 983-1861   Fax

[email protected]